Inspired by the need to promote young Irish-Americans; in the fields of business, labor and government including police and fire, law and judicial, “The Irish Society” was conceived in the fall of 1974.

Since then the stories are many with “The Irish Society” donating to various charitable causes and personal cases.  “The Irish Society” initiated the largest Irish picnic ever held in the Delaware Valley at Eden Hall in Torresdale, and hosted Irish football, boxing, hurling and numerous athletic events. Boxing at the Wildwood Convention Hall in 1980 with the teams from Canada, Ireland and the Delaware Valley with football games and Irish music was actually the precursor to the now famous Irish Weekend.  “The Irish Society” has supported many Irish political causes for freedom and human rights in Ireland as well as for Irish causes in Philadelphia and America.  “The Irish Society” participated in meetings regarding human rights with Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams and Martin McGuiness arranged by Mike Doyle, joining Seamus Boyle at AOH #39 meeting victims of Collusion in Northern Ireland.  “The Irish Society” banquets and annual toast to St. Patrick have become Philadelphia legends.

“The Irish Society” continues strong with Joe Cleary as Executive Director, Jerry Connor Jr. as President, Tom Brady as First Vice-President, Patrick Ghegan as Second Vice President and Michelle Calvano as Recording Secretary. Board of Directors Mike Driscoll, Seamus Boyle, Ed Costello, Kathleen Doyle, Denise Chambers, Thomas Dooley. And our Honorary Directors, Joe Crosley, Anthony Gallagher and Dan Grace.